ok about time I get this started. Before I begin publishing my work, I believe it would help if I posted part of my learning agreement and then elaborated a bit further on it…so here goes:

“This project will be an animation that expresses the concept of Convergence by telling a story about the end of Creation and the merging of all life and matter into a single point of focus. This event is highly tied with religion, mysticism and philosophy, which is why the aforementioned will form a basis and act as a point of reference throughout the duration of the story. Dwelling on the above, this tale will present the notion of Eternal Recurrence which implies that if time and space are both infinite and non-linear, then the world we live in has existed before and will exist again. The aim of the animation is to create an esoteric experience and guide the viewer through a simulation of a religious revelation.

These concepts will be presented by use of symbolism and iconic imagery found in philosophical and theological teachings. Drawing inspiration from Byzantine art and the Decadents, the visual strategies and aesthetics employed in these two movements shall be explored as a means of informing my practice and successfully conveying the aforementioned symbolism to the audience. I intend to make the final outcome accessible through video-hosting services on the Internet, aiming for a mature target audience that either shows interest in the theme of the project or the technical skills that will be displayed in the video.

The animation will be produced digitally in After Effects. By doing so, I will pursue the progression of my technical skills and expand my career options as an illustrator. Film and animation theory shall be explored with the prospect of gaining in-depth knowledge and insight to the Motion Graphics industry. Additionally, I will be looking into “demoscene”, a computer art movement which focuses on creating inspiring visuals that demonstrate the potential of digital animation (among other things). Exploring the wide range of techniques utilized in this movement and using them as instructional material will inform my final outcome and help me make the most of working digitally.

Furthermore, I intend to apply the harmonious use of visuals with music by adapting my animation to a pre-existing song, in contrast to having a song written for it after its completion. While the former introduces a vast number of difficulties and challenges, it is essential to possess the ability to develop work in this way, as it is without doubt a necessary requirement in the Motion Graphics industry.”

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