Eschatology is literally “the study of the end”.

This study can be either religious, which is often in the form of a doctrine and quite detailed, or philosophical, which can be more abstract.

I’ve been looking into both religious and philosophic eschatology, trying to find interesting elements to include that would give more depth to my animation. What’s interesting is how religions, even conflicting ones (ironic as they all kinda conflict each other…) have a lot in common when it comes to describing the End. Christian eschatology is the most identifiable to Western cultures but (and this is a personal opinion) its a bit uninspired and lacks the beauty of other religious depictions of the end. I will be using certain elements from christian religions, but I will also explore other viewpoints, mostly because I have no interest in presenting the End as something terrible filled with catastrophy and sorrow, but as something natural, recurring and beautiful.

There’s far too many to include here, so I will be posting the themes I chose gradually with each scene as the animation and this blog progresses. This is a good start for anyone interested however…

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