scene 2

In this scene i wanted to demonstrate the idea of people gathering to their final destination. Although it is not made clear where they’re headed, it is meant to bring out the concept of “convergence”.

Originally this scene was meant to depict a celebration coupled with 4 hooded figures walking into the mouth of a huge wolf, making a reference to Fenrir, the wolf appearing in Norse mythology. After some though, I decided against it as, not only did it not give out the feeling of a collective destination, it also looked really out of place.

Instead, there is a figure in the center who resembles Kali, a Hindu godess asocciated with death and destruction. While the figure is not a standard depiction of her, I have mainted several elements of the way she is depicted in Hindu religions, including her “yantra”, which helps make the connection a lot easier. Additionally, this also allowed for a more interesting and abstract landscape, making the whole scene more “mystical”. In retrospect, I am certain that using Kali instead of Fenrir was the right choice in terms of visuals and setting the right atmosphere.

On a more technical side, I have also used video footage in this scene, as I find it to be one of After Effects’ strongest assets. This aspect of the program’s potential interests me greatly and I felt like demonstrating its potential. This scene also marks my first attempt at “motion tracking”. Given that I had neither the knowledge or equipment to do that properly, the term is used very loosely. In reality, I filmed one of my housemates in the backyard and then used his movement as point of reference for my figures.

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