scene 7: baptism

My least favorite scene, by far. There is a wide range of religious references in it. The main concept is the absolution of mankind’s sins as they prepare for their final destination. The four hoursemen and the lotus (the flower that the supreme Hindu god Vishnu appears on) are also introduced in the background and the baby has a number of different meanings, the most dominant one being the “new” universe. I went for a “tribal” style for the characters in this one, borrowing elements from african masks. African art has always held some deep spiritual meaning to me and I felt the need to bring that out in this animation as well, apart from the other movements I’ve mentioned previously.

This whole scene was a nightmare technically. It took me ages to manifest certain aspects which aren’t that visible in the end. The main character ended up looking completely out of place and the connection with the previous scene isn’t as successful. That being said, I learned a lot from working on it and gained a lot of skills, including (but not limited to) creating semi-realistic reflections in After Effects.

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