scenes 4 and 5: moirae and the trumpet

The 4th scene is a continuation from the previous one, where after the Big Crunch, a line is released and as the camera follows it, it appears to be a thread held by a hand. In greek mythology, the Moirae, most commonly known as the “Fates”, were a deity meant to control the destiny of everyone, including the other gods. They are often depicted and described as three old women.

The idea behind this, was to show how the lifeline of the universe had reached its end. Originally, the thread was meant to be cut by scissors but I decided against it, as they would look really out of place. As far as the technical side of things goes, ever since discovering After Effects’ potential of 3d, I felt the need to create a three-dimensional room which can be “entered”. While not emphasized in the actual animation, it was an important part of my learning experience, as its commercial uses are quite wide.

The 5th scene is meant to portray an angel blowing the trumpet which signals the Apocalypse and the rising of the dead, a concept found in fragments of both Christian and Islamic eschatology. The representation of the angel was quite problematic, as I favored a more symbolic and less obvious metaphor. In the end, I chose to work with strong geometrical shapes, thinking that the this sort of “mathematical” representation would bring the focus to the spiritual rather than its physical manifestation. Technically, this wasn’t as easy, as I had to make this character work in three dimensions in a number of scenes. While not ideal, I am however satisfied with the end result.

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